AMTA New Chapter Board Structure and Elections

It’s time once again to be thinking about chapter elections!

Each year AMTA-KY holds elections for half of its board positions. 2017 is giving us a unique opportunity for growth! We are currently looking for four therapists who want to give back/pay it forward to the KY chapter.

Having a stable board of directors allows AMTA-KY to coordinate education events, plan more gatherings (maybe close to you!), divide the work & multiply the fun!

AMTA New Chapter Board Structure 

In June 2016 AMTA’s national board approved a new chapter board structure to provide consistency among all chapters. The new structure is part of a multi-year culture initiative focusing on the value of the volunteer experience.
Some positions and titles have changed and the new structure will be complete in 2018.  At that time, all chapters will have 5 elected board members: President, (2) Board Members, Secretary and Financial Administrator. Below are the positions up for election in 2017 and subsequently in 2018. If you have any further questions about the process leading up to these changes, we will be providing more details on our chapter website. If you have questions about our elections, would like to make a nomination or are interested in becoming a candidate for our AMTA-KY chapter board, please contact Valerie Smothers at
2017 Chapter Elections
Both positions are for a two-year term (2017-2019) Normal election year.
  • Board Member (new title – replaces 1st Vice President)
  • Financial Administrator (new title – replaces Treasurer)
Both positions are for a one year term (2017-2018) currently vacant positions
  • Board Member (new title – replaces 2nd Vice President)
  • Secretary
Other positions available this election:
  • Delegate (1 year term)
  • Delegate (2 year term)
  • Alternate Delegate


2018 Chapter Elections
All positions are for a two-year term (2018-2020)
  • President
  • Board Member
  • Secretary
After 2017 elections, the 2017-2018 Chapter board will consist of:
  • President
  • Board Member
  • Board Member
  • Secretary
  • Financial Administrator