KY Coalition Yahoo Group

Join the KY Coalition yahoo news group to keep in touch on the lastest happenings with legistalive efforts on the new regulations.  Follow discussions with other Massage Therapists from across the state, add your own views or ask questions about issues that effect your profession.  What a great way to keep informed.

How to join the KY Coalition: 

1. Send an e-mail to: requesting to join.

2. They will immediately send back an e-mail with a link. Follow the instructions to join the group.

3. IMPORTANT: You do not have to have a yahoo account to join. There will be a step in the process where it will suggest you click “join” and open a yahoo account. On the same screen at the bottom you will see an option to “join the mailing list instead“. Click on that to join the coalition.

4. It might take a day before you get approved to join, but don’t worry.  Each topic thread comes with all the history, so you will see everything that has been written before you joined.

5.  If you are having problems joining or are confused about anything, just call Julie Harper at 502-897-1077.