AMTA-KY Government Relations Committee Report

We hope you have checked your email and/or the AMTA-KY Chapter Facebook page for our latest newsletter. Therein is contained information on our virtual business meeting in the Spring, and the massage bill we have been working on since 2019.
As many of you are aware, the bill had to be tabled in the 2020 Kentucky Legislative session. This was due to a constitutional requirement that a state budget be passed by April 15th of each year. Our lobbyist team, Babbage Cofounders, is working on AMTA’s behalf to ensure that, HB 79, is getting attention from those legislators who supported it last session, in order to keep the bill moving smoothly through the legislative process. There is a change in the bill to require therapists to include a color photograph to be submitted with FBI background checks. The Kentucky Attorney General’s office requested this change as a photo ID makes it much easier to combat human trafficking. This should also help boost the bill’s movement through the process.
A hearing has been set for Wednesday, 2/3/2021, to promote our bill to the House Licensing and Occupations Committee. Only 3 people will be allowed to attend due to COVID restrictions. Denise Logsdon, bill author, Representative Koch, bill sponsor, and a member of The Babbage Cofounder Group will be in attendance.
Be assured that as HB 79 moves through the process in our legislature, the AMTA-KY Chapter will be there to update you.
In health, Ann
Ann E. Boone, LMT
AMTA-KY, Government Relations chair
**For more in-depth discussion, please contact
Ann E. Boone, LMT
Denise M. Logsdon, MS, LMT

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