AMTA-KY Government Relations Report 9/24/2023

Ann Boone, AMTA-KY Government Relations Chair

AMTA-KY Government Relations report- 9/24/23

Happy Fall Equinox!

I hope the transition from Summer to Fall finds each and every one of you healthy and happy.

Here are a few updates of ongoing GR business:

Recently, Karen Frazier, KBLMT Vice chair, and Michelle Shane, KBVE Executive Director met to start the process of information gathering to move forward with proposed animal massage permit legislation. Denise Logsdon and I have provided information to KBLMT and KBVE with regards to our collaboration regarding this issue with both of them in 2019/2020. As previously explained, this would be an “Allied Animal Health Professional” permit issued by the KBVE. The 2023 permit version of the bill (HB167) is only available to animal chiropractors currently. Equine massage therapists, as well as equine dentists, will be considered in the future. No action is anticipated on this for a couple of years. However, it is important that equine massage therapists, or anyone interested in following this law, contact the KBVE at requesting to be notified of future public comment periods and meeting dates.

We are continuing to work on getting the PEMF and Microcurrent device’ trainings approved.. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding. There is nothing further to report on this issue until we have the instructors submit CE approval applications.

We continue to support the H.O.P.E. initiative which fines landlords who lease to illicit massage businesses who may be also trafficking their workers. Letters are sent to the landlords of the properties in which these businesses reside notifying them of illicit activity. As a result, more than half of all of these businesses in several Kentucky counties have been shuttered by resulting eviction. There is also a campaign of community education to recognize and report suspected illicit massage businesses. If you or anyone you know suspects a business may be involved in human trafficking, whether massage related or not, please visit their website to report or for more information at:

It was good to see everyone who attended the 2023 AMTA National Convention in Phoenix last month as the AMTA celebrates 80 years. As always, we had a broad range of educational opportunities and inspiring speakers.

Finally, I am honored to have been invited by the National AMTA Government Relations chair, James Specker, and his team to be part of a select group of Massage Therapists with strong experience in research, clinical practice and/or advanced understanding of Massage Therapy policy. H.A.R.C., Healthcare Advocacy and Research Committee, is a group of 7 LMTs from a variety of states, including Kentucky, who will meet quarterly. The main focus of this committee is to develop a standard of practice act for our profession. Input from LMTs in every state will be crucial to this process. We will keep members posted on any new developments.

In health, Ann