KY License FAQ’s

Answers to Your Licensure Questions on the KBLMT Website

  1.  Your Kentucky Board of Licensed Massage Therapy, KBLMT, has been working hard improving communication with the massage therapy community. Several tools have been added to the KBLMT website that can be a great help for applicants and you are invited to check them out. Here is a summary of additions with links to each of them.  On the KBLMT Homepage, at the right, you will find several Quick Links that make locating information easier.
  2.  Frequently Asked Questions  – Questions and answers have been categorized and you just need to click on the category related to your question to find the answer quickly.  Whether you are renewing, are considering choosing inactive status or need to find information on a new license application, you are likely to find the answers at your fingertips.
  3.  An online registration section is a guide that may make the renewal process easier.
  4.  The online renewal application works best using Mozilla’s Foxfire software so a link to a free download for that
    software is available under the online renewal page.
  5.  An Application Guide library has been added. The use of an application guide is optional and is not a
    required part of the application process.  However, the checklist is a handy guide for completing your
    application form.  You may choose the guide that matches your application and print it out.  It will serve
    as a checklist to be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything that might delay the process.
  6.  A printable booklet containing the massage therapy laws and regulations is available online once again.  The link can be found on the Homepage under Laws and Regulations Booklet located on the Right side of the screen.
  7.  If you need additional help, not found on the website, you are urged to send an email to Tammy Sharp, Board Administrator.  Phone calls are discouraged for several reasons.  First the high volume of calls makes it difficult for her to answer calls and second, there is no record of the request as there is with written communication.  She can be reached at