Frequently Asked Questions

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AMTA is the only professional massage organization with state chapters, and the only non-profit professional massage organization. Because of its non-profit status, member’s dues go back into the massage industry, and do not become profit for the organization. 
What are the requirements to become an AMTA member?
Professional members with active status are practicing massage therapists who meet one or more of the following qualifications:

– Graduation from a minimum 500 in-class hour entry-level massage therapy training program;
– Photocopy of current AMTA-accepted city, state, or provincial license*
– Certification by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

* Must have completed minimum 500-hour requirement for education, regardless of licensing method.

How do I join AMTA?
Several easy methods are available for applying for AMTA membership. You may apply online and pay with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. You may go online and print out an application that you can mail, you can call toll-free at 1-877-905-2700 and apply by phone, Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5:30 pm, or you may fax your application to 847-864-1178. More information and application forms can be found on the National AMTA website.
What are the benefits of becoming an AMTA Member?
There are many benefits of becoming an AMTA member. AMTA has the best liability insurance coverage in the industry. It also offers many other insurance coverage plans for its members.

As an AMTA member your professional credibility will increase. By joining AMTA, you’re taking a big step toward making your practice synonymous with professionalism and ethical massage practices. AMTA values accredited education, national certification and state licensing.

As the largest non-profit massage therapy association, AMTA is the voice of the profession, either referenced or quoted in an average of more than 1,000 articles annually. National exposure leads to more clients seeking AMTA massage therapists, translating into more clients for you!

AMTA offers many resources for professional and business development. AMTA provides quality continuing education at national and state conferences. In addition AMTA offers on-line classes for those who can’t travel.

What are the benefits of joining AMTA as a student?
You can use your AMTA student membership to access premier educational and career development resources.  We have the career guidance, events and publications that will help you successfully start your massage therapy career. www.amtamassage.org/membership/Benefits/student.html
  • Can I just join the Kentucky Chapter without joining the National AMTA?

No. Kentucky Chapter members all belong to the national American Massage Therapy Association. The national AMTA assigns members to a state chapter, based on their mailing address.

  • How much does it cost to be an AMTA member?

AMTA offers several levels of membership and prices to suit your needs. The Join AMTA section of the Web site provides a breakdown of each of these levels of membership, their prices, and the qualifications to join.

  • I am just starting my practice and I can’t afford AMTA fees. Is there another option?

Recognizing that new professionals may not be able to afford the professional dues as they build their practice, AMTA is now offering an entry-level program where new therapists can join at a reduced rate for their first year.

  • How often do I renew my AMTA membership?

AMTA membership must be renewed annually.

  • I would like to do research in massage therapy. How can I get started?

Members who are interested in a research project should contact the Massage Therapy Foundation.

  • How many continuing education hours are required to renew my AMTA membership?

Beginning with the first full year of Professional Active membership, a member is required to complete 48 clock hours of continuing education every 4 years or provide NCBTMB or NCCAOM-ABT certification and expiration date for renewal as a Professional Active member of AMTA.” The AMTA national website contains the complete policy for Continuing Education Requirements.

  • What is the difference between a CEU and a CE hour?

CEU stand for continuing education unit. The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) was created to provide a standard unit of measure, to quantify continuing adult education and training activities, and serve the diversity of providers, activities, and purposes in adult education. One CEU equals TEN contact hours of participation in organized continuing education experience under responsible, qualified direction and instruction. For our purposes as massage therapists, we do not use this measurement, although people commonly and mistakenly use this phrase to describe a CE hour.

A CE hour is defined as 50 minutes of instruction. AMTA, NCBTMB, and the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy require continuing education clock hours, or CE hours.

  • Where do I find continuing education classes?

The Kentucky Chapter presents a spring education conference each March or April, a summer program in August and a Fall program. In the fall of each year the AMTA National Convention offers three days of continuing education programming. AMTA offers online education through its online training program. It is also possible to earn CE credits by reading articles in the MTJ and taking an online final exam for documentation.

  • When do I submit my continuing education documentation?

AMTA, NCBTMB, and Kentucky licensure all have different requirements for documentation. For AMTA you can submit the hours when you renew your membership, or better yet when you take a course.  Submit your CE Credits Online.

  • Will I be on a mailing list for AMTA?

You provided contact information to AMTA when you joined and/or renewed your membership. If that information is accurate you should receive the following publications:

– MTJ, the Massage Therapy Journal

– Hands On, the AMTA Newsletter

– In Touch – Kentucky Chapter Newsletter

*If you have provided a correct email address, you will receive e-mail publications from both National and Kentucky .

  • Why have I not received anything from AMTA in the mail?

If the information you gave to AMTA’s National office is no longer correct or if there is a typographical error in the data you provided you may not be receiving your mailings.  Login to correct your information.

  • Do the CE classes for license renewal need to be approved by NCBTMB?

No they do not have to be, but it makes it easier. The KBLMT will automatically count any CE class that meets one of the following:

– approved by NCBTMB

– offered by a massage school

– offered by AMTA or its state chapters

– relevant course offered by colleges

– courses offered by AMBP, NCCAOM, AOBTA

  • Do you have to be licensed to practice massage therapy in Kentucky?

Yes, you must have a license to practice massage in the state of Kentucky.

  • I have a license from another state. Can I legally do massage at a sporting event in Kentucky?

No, you cannot legally practice without a Kentucky license. KY law does not have an exemption for people only practicing a few days at such events as sporting events or trade shows.

  • Do I need to maintain my NCBTMB certification to maintain my Kentucky license?

No, KY law states that you must pass the NCBTMB exam (or another approved exam), but there are no requirements that you must keep your National Certification after receiving it.

  • It is almost time to renew my license but I haven’t received anything from the licensure board. What should I do?
  1. make sure KBLMT has you current mailing address (you are obligated by law to notify them within 30 days of any name or address change)
  2. contact the KBLMT for a renewal form. Keep in mind that your address could be wrong because of clerical errors. If you don’t hear from them, be proactive and follow up.
  • Why should I become involved in volunteering with AMTA-KY Chapter?

Since the Chapter is totally run by volunteers, it will only be as successful as its volunteers make it. Volunteering for your Chapter is a way to “give back” to your profession. You will meet new people, network, and develop new skills. Most of all, you will have fun!

  • Is it expensive or time-consuming to volunteer with AMTA-KY Chapter?

The AMTA-KY will, in a timely manner, reimburse volunteers for approved expenses. AMTA-KY Chapter also promises to respect the time of its volunteers, so we will ask no more than you can comfortably do. You may find it so much fun, though, that you want to do more!