AMTA-KY Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities to be involved with your AMTA-KY Chapter.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up as an AMTA-KY Volunteer, please contact

JoAnn Klein
AMTA-KY Chapter President

AMTA-KY Chapter Board Positions

Board Members are a two-year term.  Each year we alternate Elections for Board Member Positions to insure we always have seasoned Volunteers in these positions.

The AMTA-KY Chapter Current Board – FY 23/24
President – JoAnn Klein – Even year election
Board Member – Marcella Thompson – Even year election
Board Member – Seleslie Harris – Odd-year election
Financial Administrator – Lori Barnes – Odd year election
Secretary – Devin Klein – Even year election

Delegates – 2-year Position
Shawanna Turner – Odd year election
Open Position – Even year election

AMTA-KY Chapter Committee Volunteer Positions
Committees are a great way to get started Volunteering with AMTA-KY.
Below are the Committees along with the Committee Chair.
(Volunteer Committee Members are a one-year position unless otherwise stated.)

We can use help on all of these committees. 

The AMTA-KY Chapter Current Committee Chairs & Delegates are:
Benevolence – Ann Phillips
Communication Chair -Caren McCarty
Social Media – Devin Klein
Education – Karen Frazier
Government Relations Chair – Ann Boone
Membership – Marcella Thompson
Newsletter – Devin Klein
On-Line Elections – Nakeyae (KiKi) Street
Volunteer Coordinator – Ann Phillips
Website – Caren McCarty
Delegates – Kim Alexander and Shawanna Turner
Conference Coordinator 2023 – Kim Alexander
Printing Team – Open Position
Conference Registrar – Lori Barnes
CVENT Coordinator – JoAnn Klein
Budget Committee – Lori Barnes
Exhibit Hall – Eric Byrd and Kayla Carby