Chapter Committees and Volunteer Positions

“There is a fine line between dreams and reality, it’s up to you to draw it.”
– B. Quilliam

Our Chapter dreams of being able to meet the needs of all massage therapists in Kentucky, through education, communication and outreach. How we make that dream a reality depends on the volunteer spirit of our members.  If you can volunteer any of your time and energy to turn our dreams into reality, contact us.  Chapter standing committees, sub-committees and special committees are determined by the Board of Directors. Their task is to carry out the work of the chapter. Any member, professional, associate, or student may serve as either a committee member or chair. Standing committee and subcommittee chairs shall be appointed by the President with approval from the Chapter Board of Directors for a term of one year and reviewed annually, or until successors are appointed. Special committee members and chairs shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Chapter Board of Directors and shall serve until their specified task is completed or until they are discharged.

– Delegates – Al Varghese, 2019-2020
– Delegate 2020 – Open – elections begin January 2020
– Benevolence Committee  –  Chair, Ann Phillips
– Budget Planning and Oversight/Finance Committee – Chair – Kala Carby  (members needed)
– Standing Rules Committee – Chair Kala Carby, – Members – Nakeyae Street, Lisa Chesser
– Education Committee – Eric Byrd, Chair
– Conference Coordinator(s) – Chair(s)Eric Byrd and Kim Alexander
– Registrar – Chair, Kala Carby and JoAnn Klein
– Registration Committee – Kala Carby, JoAnn Klein
– Vendor/Donors Coordinator – Chair, Eric Byrd – Spring 2020
– Educator/Student Events – Chair, Eric Byrd  Member – Kelly Burton
– Laws and Legislation Committee – Chair, Ann Boone – Members  Jeff Butler, Jamie Carpenter, Al Varghese and Denise Logston
– Member Services Committee – Chair, Jo Ann Klein,
– National Massage Therapy Week – Open Chair and Members needed
– On-line Election Chair – Open Chair needed for 2020 Elections.  Position Starts in January ends in March 2020
– Communication Chair – Open
– Newsletter Editor – Kim Alexander
– Newsletter Proofreader – Julee Stanley
– Website Manager – Caren McCarty
– Social Media Manager – Devin Klein
– Audio/Visual – 2020 Conference – Jeff Butler
– Volunteer Coordinator – Ann Phillips
– Conference Printing Team – Ann Phillips





If you are interested in any of these positions, please Contact Us